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About Toys4U

Geoff Benge at work

Toys4U is Geoff Benge

Geoff served his apprenticeship as a cabinet-maker in the 1950's, before take up house building in 1963. In 1974 he joined the NZ Police, retiring from there in 1993.

Since then Geoff has been making toys part-time and recently expanded into full-time.

He uses mainly re-cycled timber from either demolition sites or left-over timber from house construction.

His designs have been "Road Tested" by his active grand-children to eliminate weak spots ensuring they're as "child-proof" as possible.

TOYS4U (R) Ltd. is a registered Trade Mark owned by Geoff & his wife Annette, as is the company TOYS4U Ltd

We will make any small item to order.

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